A summary of 2016

Before we begin 2017, we would like to take a moment to summarize the variety of activities the Cambridge Tax Discussion Group have undertaken in 2016.

Meetings: We hosted 35 weekly meetings with pauses during winter, spring and summer break. We also managed to enjoy a few meetings outside such as in the Christ’s Fellows gardens during the summer months.


Socials: We hosted a variety of formal and informal socials including our first annual  garden party. An updated list of past and future events can be found here

Alfred, May and Chris enjoying Christ’s May Ball
Chris, May and Matteo enjoying the Cambridge Union garden party

Speakers: Our weekly meetings brought a diverse mix of speakers who made up a third of our weekly meetings.  Some of our speakers and guests in 2016 included: 1)Tarrant Green – Tarrant Green & Co Chartered Accountants, 2) Robert Wardrop – Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, 3) Garrick Hileman – Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, 4) Martin Hearson – LSE, 5) Rodrigo Ormeno-Perez – University of Birmingham, 6) Geoff Meeks – Judge Business School, 7) Jonathan Zenios – Z Investment Partners, 8) Peter Allen – ICAEW , 8) Sol Picciotto – Lancaster University, 9) John Magyar – Faculty of Law, St Edmunds College, 10) Travers Smith, 11) Samanta Padalino – Centre for Science and Policy, and 12) Pete Miller – The Miller Partnership

If you have a mild interest in tax and are in Cambridge, or passing through London, please do consider attending our weekly talks. Do reach out to us as we really enjoy engaging with and learning from outside speakers!

Extracurricular: Members of our tax discussion group travelled around the country and continent to various tax-related events, (sometimes stimulating discussion on tax-related phenomena into non-tax events) and presented work that was discussed and developed during meetings.

Matteo and Chris (along with a few others from Cambridge.tax) en route to the Institute for Fiscal Studies “BEPS and Beyond” conference in London April 18, 2016


We hope to continue on with an interesting mix of speakers and events for 2017 and look forward to what this year will bring to the world of tax.


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