“Predatory Cooperation: Racial Capitalism and the Taxation of Cross-Border Transactions” By Professor Steven Dean

This Thursday May 27th, from 17:00-18:00 (GMT) we will have a presentation from Steven Dean, Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School. See our “Upcoming Talks” section for more information or at http://talks.cam.ac.uk/talk/index/160798

We are delighted to have distinguished legal academic and tax commentator Professor Steven Dean as our speaker, who will be explaining themes of his forthcoming book “Predatory Cooperation: Racial Capitalism and the Taxation of Cross-Border Transactions”.

The rules governing the taxation of cross-border transactions have been re-made, to tame the perceived threat to global markets posed by decolonization and again to tame the perceived threat to the welfare state posed by the lawlessness of those former colonies. In both instances, a subtext of racial anxiety distorted the machinery of cross-border taxation. This book retells the story of cross-border taxation from a new perspective, providing an opportunity to create rules and institutions that serve all rather than reflecting the biases of the few.

Dr Steven Dean is Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School. He writes, tweets and podcasts about tax law and social enterprise. As well as a substantial body of scholarship on international and corporate taxes, Dr Dean also lectures on personal and income taxes and on tax policy. after an undergraduate degree in Political Economy, Dr Dean gained his J.D. (Doctor of Law) from Yale Law School.


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