Summary of our last meeting with Tarrant Green

Last week, Tarrant Green came to discuss  “An Interactive Seminar on the Law and Practice of Tax Investigations” where he discussed a particularly long and difficult case between a former client and HMRC that was fraught with administrative difficulties. We were given the opportunity to take a peek into a tax practitioner’s experience with HMRC but also a case that had elements of a criminal enforcement agencies’ involvement. The study of tax can be quite exciting when ‘tales from the front lines’ are brought to life through the discussion of a long-time practitioner’s personal experience of a case. It brings together several complexities that are sometimes hard to articulate to a general audience. I found Tarrant’s talk to be both interesting and engaging with the group of us who come from all sorts of disciplines. Looking forward to more exciting speakers and chats in the coming months. This is also an open invitation to any of our readers to come by for a meeting or social!



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