“An Intra-Disciplinary Approach To Taxation Research” by Dr Amir Pichhadze

This week, Dr Pichhadze will be identifying and explaining the necessary role of an intra-disciplinary approach to taxation research and analysis. He will use the example of the ‘transfer pricing’ rules, to demonstrate the need for such an approach in delineating transactions. Dr Pichhadze will argue that a tax rule can be applied to a transaction only after the transaction has been correctly delineated. A risk arises in practice that contractual terms may not be correctly analysed by tax jurists, unless they are alert to the need for an intra-disciplinary approach.


Dr Pichhadze is a prolific and energetic thinker in the field of Tax Law. In addition to his undergraduate LLB , he holds an LLM in Taxation from the London School of Economics and an LLM in International Taxation from Michigan Law School, where he also attained his Doctorate. Alongside his extensive academic writing, Dr Pichhadze has been an editor and a referee for numerous law journals. Away from academia Dr Pichhadze has held a Judicial Clerkship at the Tax Court of Canada. Dr Pichhadze is also a talented artist who has received numerous commissions for his work.

See “Meetings” tab for more information. We hope you will join us Thursday March 4th from 17:00-18:00 (GMT). The meeting will be held ONLINE. E-mail May Hen-Smith  hmh46@cam.ac.uk or Guy Mulley gevm2@cam.ac.uk for link